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Finally it's time to make public our educational project. And the title is DEAD HEADS!
Well maybe you don't know what Dead Heads is.

Dead Heads was a Manga drawn by Tsutomu Nihei few years ago. Apparently it didn't work very well and it was cancelled after the first release. So "Dead Heads" in fact is just one volume with around 40 pages.

It's not the best work from Nihei, of course, however as Nihei's fans we thought that it would be great to work on something from him. At the same time now Nihei's works are on the top (Knights of Sidonia, Blame!) so we prefered to choose one title that won't cause problems with copyright holders. Anyway as this project is educational, creative commons and non-profit there will be no problems about that.

So starting with this WIP picture we will be posting content about this project, from development posts to videotutorials.

And at the end, if everything goes as expected, you will have a free short movie of Dead Heads!

By the way "at the end" is undetermined as we don't have a release date or similar ;) Be patience.

                                       Dead Head WIP 7

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Vicente Carro   2015-February-17

Please post here your opinions about our project.
Thank you very much!

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