About AnigoAnimation



AnigoAnimation is company original founded in Spain in 2009 with its current offices in Iceland and Japan.

Our main goal is to produce Anime, with all the original Japanese Anime flavor. We don't intend to bring a new type of Anime, we only want to work on the same thing that we love.

After a first run in Spain the company was restarted as a multicultural project between Iceland and Japan, two countries that share way more things than most of the people knows.

2009年にスペイン南部の港町マラガで誕生した小さなさなアニメ製作会社 AnigoAnimation(日本語表記:「兄御アニメーション」)。

AnigoAnimationの"Anigo"とは日本語で、兄を敬っていう場合に使う「兄御 (あにご)」から来ています。




Our current team: 現在のメンバー

  • Vicente Carro, CEO ビセンテ・カルロ (代表)
  • Masaki Tamakoshi , Japan office executive producer 玉越正樹 (日本サイト [anigoanimation.jp] 管理者)

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