Welcome to the new website! AnigoAnimation 2.0 (beta)

新しいウェブサイトへようこそ! AnigoAnimation2.0(ベータ版)

After a long hiatus we are back. And also this website. Of course this website is in a work-in-progress status but very soon it will be full of content.

What to expect

If you have been following us since the beginning probably you already know that we started with a crowd-funding project called "ABC of Akari". Sadly the project could not be completely founded but it was a great experience. Now we are starting from scratch, in a completely new way.

  • Educational: This time AnigoAnimation will have plenty of videotutorial and it will help artist learn this "new" thing called "Anime 3D"
  • Creative Common. Maybe non in an exclusive way but right now our projects are intented to be Creative Commons so be prepare to share our models and everything.
  • Multicultural. Our beloved Japanese friends will have a place in this website. We will try to have all the content in the website accessible in both languages English and Japanese.
  • For the people. So... what do you want? Tell us and maybe it can be done. Who knows?

A lot of things are being prepared right now so please be patience. :D

物事の多くはとても忍耐してください今すぐに準備中です。 :D

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